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I Fought MyStuff and Won!

Since September I've been studying for one of the modules of the OU's MAODE (H808 to be exact).

Compared to other courses I've done in the past, this one seems to have been an awful lot more work. This may be partly because a lot of the course explored the use of e-portfolios and the one the OU provided (MyStuff, which is based around Moodle) is fairly newly implemented (i.e. full of bugs).

It was interesting to explore the software and hear the reactions of the other students trying to use it, but I seem to have spent so much time over the past few months twiddling my thumbs waiting for pages to load or tearing my hair out when it returns an error when I'm trying to save an item.

My final e-portfolio for the module was submitted yesterday at about 2.30, so it's now all completed and I've suddenly got quite a bit of free time back again which is bizarre and don't need to look at MyStuff again for now.

Am hoping to follow it up with some more modules in the future, but work are not prepared to fund any more at the moment (recession, etc, etc) and I can't afford to fund myself at the moment either, so it looks like I'm going to get a break for a bit first.
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