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The Wrong Sort of Snow

Firstly, thanks to westerling for sending the blanket of snow covering London and Slough I requested on Twitter the other day.

It appears to be entirely the wrong sort of snow, but I suppose I should have read the label before ordering. It seems to compact down an awful lot.

In true ebay style - feedback:

**** - Very quick and didn't charge anything. Item not quite as expected, but seller highly recommended anyway.

So, lunchtime seemed the idea time to build an army of snowmen. Having rolled the body of the first one around most of the garden and not got it much bigger than a beach ball, it was soon clear that wasn't going to happen, so I left it in the middle of the garden and tried to build it up there instead.

It soon became clear from the shape that it was turning into something else entirely, so I went with that instead (at least it solved the issue of not having any coal or carrots).

morganmuffle requested photos:

As Betjeman said "Come friendly bombs descend on Skaro"

The Lawn now appears to be disappearing again rapidly...
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