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Commenting Stories Line by Line

Being the sort of person who used to love the game where you wrote a line plus a word on a piece of paper and folded it over and passed it onto the next person to see what sort of a story you would end up with, I found the stories I linked to in my previous post, where stories were built up in comments with each person contributing just 1 sentence, fascinating.

This got me thinking, what if you did it in the threaded environment (like LJ's comment system for example)? You could have stories which branched and went off in all sorts of different directions.

This seems ultimately cool and must be tried, so to ensure their is one (as I've no idea what to search for to find if one already exists), I've created a community - storytrees.

Feel free to join/contribute/share with others as you see fit (the rules are given on the profile page).
Tags: creative, livejournal & its offshoots, storytelling, surrealism

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