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The Death of Morris

So, the The Morris Ring (1) have a problem with declining membership.

Let me see, could that be anything to do with their "oh no things can't ever change"/"we wouldn't even think of dancing anywhere near anyone who even looked like a woman" attitude (1)?

As far as I can see, there look to be quite a few young morris dancers around. Admittedly not in the ring though, whose average age seems on par with the combined age of the collections of the Natural History Museum (as mentioned above this may have something to do with their general outlook) (2).

Morris dead in 20 year? I don't think so...

(1) - For those that don't know, there are 2 other Morris organisations, The Morris Federation and Open Morris. Both organisations are somewhat younger than the ring and both have a somewhat more relaxed attitude to the whole tradition and who can dance thing.

(2) - OK, there are members of the ring who don't share that attitude, but there are those that do (to the extent that they won't dance in the same location as a side that include women) and as that is what the overall philosophy of the organisation appears to be.

(3) - OK, they're not quite that old, but having opened themselves up to ridicule, I'm happy to oblige.
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