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Rapper Tour Of Borough - 22 December 2008

So, Thrales did a pre-Christmas tour yesterday around the Borough, as we have done in previous years.

We started at the Mudlark. I was very surprised when I arrived at 7.30 to dance at 8 and no-one else arrived, until Clive came in at about 5-past. Apparently they'd all been waiting outside. Still unsure why.

After that we moved onto the Brew Wharf. It has impressive acoustics, even if the clientele are a little too polite. They were completely silent while we danced and gave us a big round of appaulse when we finished. Very disconcerting, but we did get a free drink.

Market Porter wouldn't let us dance. Apparently it was too busy, even though it was the quietest I'd ever seen the place. We danced outside in the road instead as there were plenty of people out there.

Moved onto the Wheatsheaf after that. Normally get a good dance in there, but apparently this was the last time we are going to be able to dance there as they are closing in the New Year (because of the Thameslink work).

For the first time in years, we danced at the Barrowboy and Banker. Nice pub, nice floor, shame about the audience.

Then headed over to the Bunch of Grapes. Audience were a bit dead here too, but we did get another free drink.

Finally we went to the Royal Oak where we got a good reception as always.

Short tour (finished at 10, so I could get home to get ready for work today), but a good one.
Tags: dance, folk, rapper, tours & dance outs

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