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Being Stalked By Research Papers

I've just finished reading a paper for the OU course I'm doing on what a Learning Technologist is and am now very scared.

Being involved in elearning, it would make sense that it would broadly describe what I do.

However, when it starts stating things like

  • they are normally of my age range

  • have been in their posts for about as long as I've been in mine

  • have been with there respective institutions for about as long as I've been with mine

  • their broader role often includes other aspects such as being a librarian (admittedly I haven't been one since August, but I was doing both side by side for a long time)

I'm now getting very scared

Were it not for the fact that this paper was written around 6 years ago, I would swear the author was stalking me.

So much for not falling into stereotypes...
Tags: education, internet, maode, work

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