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Glorystrokes @ C#

It was the Knees Up a Cecil Sharp house last night, so thethirdvoice and I went with a couple of her work colleagues and met up with some people from Cambridge there.

Glorystrokes were playing. This was now the third time I've heard them and although the base was a bit lacking at the beginning they got the sound level just right and the place wasn't too crowded like it was in Warwick.

Gordon Potts was a good choice of caller to go with them. Although I still think Martyn Harvey worked better with them at Warwick, because he had a lot more stage presence to carry it off.

Unfortunately, we couldn't stay for the last dance as we had to get the last train home, but it was a fun evening all the same and it was good to see a lot of Cambridge people we don't see very often anymore.


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23rd Nov, 2008 00:29 (UTC)
GloryStrokes were completely deafening at IVFDF this year. Apparently they were actually above the legal noise levels for most of the ceilidh!!!

Gordon Potts is ace! He's calling for the Friday night e-ceilidh with Stomp at IVFDF. Which is only 97 days away now.....

Much progress is being made. Workshops are being confirmed, tickets are available for sale now...! It's getting exciting! http://events.exeter.ac.uk/ivfdf2009/

Will you be coming? You'll most likely find me on the front desk, as I'm chief steward and also can't do most of the workshops coz they're dancing and the only way I can dance is with a wheelchair. Which I must speak to my mother about, getting my own. If you are at IVFDF, I'll be the *brown*-haired wheelchair user.
30th Dec, 2008 19:55 (UTC)
Yes, will be coming.

Just booked my ticket.

The online booking form mentions t-shirts, but doesn't include any way to order them. Assume they'll be available to buy at the festival though.
30th Dec, 2008 21:45 (UTC)
Yay!!! For the record, I'm the chief steward and I'll be one of the wheelchair users (there'll be another one; I'm the brown-haired one).

Re. T-shirts, I'll pass that info on to Dale and get back to you (he's in charge of all the website-y things).
1st Jan, 2009 23:17 (UTC)
Just got this from Dale: all the info will be added to online checkout and postal order forms within one week, hopefully.
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