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August - The Month Of Moves

Firstly, the big news: thethirdvoice has been offered a job, which she is probably going to accept. She's got another interview on Tuesday, which she is going to go to in case it is the greatest job in the world, but the chances are she'll be accepting this offer mid-week.

On Friday, we're off to Sidmouth for a week with Molly and then will be heading up to Mum's for the following weekend to see her before she head's back up to Penrith (she's been renting a house in north Devon for the past 6 months).

When we get back, I'll be moving offices at work. An obvious corollary of not being a librarian is not needing to work in the library any more. We had a handover meeting for the library on Friday and it's going to switch to being open and unmanned while I'm on holiday.

Also moving house hopefully at the end of August. thethirdvoice's new job is in Langley, Slough, so we are going to try to move there a soon as we can (quite lucky I didn't end up working in Cambridge really). Went to look at houses there yesterday and found a couple of potentials and we're going to try to claim one of them tomorrow morning.

I need to give a month's notice from a rent date for my current flat, which is at the beginning of the month, so if we get the Langley house sorted this week we should be able to move towards the end of the month.
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