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Haven't posted here for a while, so here's a quick update:

thethirdvoice has now graduated and is now job hunting. Once we know where she's working we'll know where we'll be able to work out where we're aiming to end up living (a move back to Cambridge, although not certain anymore, is still not out of the question).

Although I didn't move to the new job in Cambridge in the end, my old one has changed focus and so is quite fun again. They're basically taking the bits I find boring (I've never really had much desire to be librarian) away from me and giving me more time to concentrate on the interesting bits (distance learning/elearning). As a lot of the distance learning/elearning can be done remotely, it does mean there's the possibility of working from home in the future and just going in a couple of days a week, which will give thethirdvoice and I a bit more freedom to find somewhere to live together even if she's working some distance from London.

Got the results for my 2nd Unit 1 assignment for my Diploma (another distinction) and want to get the last 2 polished off over the summer, so it's out the way before I start an elearning course with the OU in September.

So, all in all, inspite of an odd couple of months, life seems to be generally going well at the moment.
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