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Rapper In The News

There have been a lot of emails going around sword dancers recently about the Offensive Weapons Amendment to the Criminal Justice Act and fears that it could affect traditional dances such as rapper and longsword.

As far as I can see, it's fairly dubious if it will affect rapper at all as I would doubt that the swords would legally be thought of as swords (you're not likely to stab someone with a blunt bendy bit of metal with a handel at each end). The amendment itself seems mainly aimed at Samurai swords.

The story seems to have been picked up by the Daily Mail today

Although I'm not generally a Mail reader, it's actually quite a good article.



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12th Jun, 2008 18:32 (UTC)
I also seem to recall that this debate is about a year or two out of date as according to some re-enactment contacts, there's nothing on the blackboard for a renewed push as the legislation has already gone through.
13th Jun, 2008 12:22 (UTC)
The bendy sword legislation has gone through, effective April this year, but there is a strong suggestion that it'll be extended soon to cover all swords.

The main reason seems to be that "Curved single-edged sword over 50cms long" is a stupid definition of a dangerous weapon - straight ones are just as dangerous, and so are shorter ones and double-edges ones. The rule can be avoided by carrying a straight sword, so we need anti-avoidance legislation covering those too.

Or, you know, the existing offensive weapons legislation which looks directly at the reason for carrying something and carries stiffer penalties could be used. But that seems unlikely, as the new legislation is unnecessary if you follow that (correct) line of argument.
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