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Scary Thoughts

So, I finding it a scary thought that someone might actually want to vote for Boris Johnson tomorrow. A man who, let's face it, actively goes out of his way to appear a complete idiot.

However, an email from the Guardian today has found an even scarier thought, with this quote from Joan Ryan, MP for Enfield North:

"All the way though we've been warning people 'Boris isn't wearing any clothes' and only now are voters coming to us and saying, 'oh my goddddd, he's not wearing any clothes... and it's disgussssting'".

So, thanks to the Joan Ryan and the Guardian, I've now got an image of Boris Johnson naked in my head. I don't want it, so I thought I'd share it. Isn't it a lovely thought?

...What do you mean "no"?

Given the choice of voting for him or seeing him naked, I would like to say I'd martyr myself for the sake of the population of London, but I'm not sure I could face seeing it.

Luckily I don't have to, so tomorrow I can enjoy both not voting for him and not seeing him naked.
Tags: elections, humour, london, politics, quotes

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