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DERT 2008

This weekend I went up to DERT with Thrales and we've all come back with big smiles on our faces as we did rather better then we expected.

We thought things were going quite well in practices recently and that we would perform reasonably well this year as long as nothing went wrong, but weren't expecting anything near the following:

  • MJ came third for best musician

  • Clive and Mal won best characters

  • We won the Tyzack Shield for best Buzz factor (something we've always hoped to get)

  • We won the traditional competition (admittedly there were only 3 entries for this, but we did only decide to enter on Monday because we thought we might as well)

  • We came second in the Premier competition (and overall) behind Newcastle Kingsmen

What really added the icing to the cake was that Black Swan 1 and 2 were 3rd and 4th, meaning we came ahead of both their sets (admittedly we only came ahead of 1 by 1/2 a point in the Premier - the character marks increase this difference a bit for the overall mark).

Having had them behind us in the running order all day and having been cheering each other on, we were also pleased that Gaorsach Rapper & Step won the Open.

All in all, we couldn't have asked for much better, except maybe to have won overall, but then we would have had to run the workshop this morning. It's something to aim towards achieving in the future now though.

The Trophies:
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