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IVFDF 2008

IVFDF was generally a good festival this year, but I seem to have found myself nit-picking about it all weekend.

I was looking forward to the beginning of the Festival, because the Glorystrokes were playing for the Friday evening ceilidh and they had been amazing when we saw them last year at Warwick. Being Metal, you'd expect it to be loud and it didn't disappoint in that respect.

However, what I did find disappointing was that all I could hear was the base. Everything else was completely inaudible. Not sure if it was a problem with the sound mixing or whether in making it loud they made it too loud and my ears just lost their sensitivity to high pitched sound as a result (or even if that happens and my ears are particularly sensitive to it - although I could hear them perfectly well at Warwick and it's not a problem I've ever noticed before). Didn't hear anyone else complaining about it though, so maybe it was just me.

After that, I went to the Eurodance with Janiveer (basically Jabadaw under a new name) instead, which was very good (and perfectly audible) and the contra the following evening with Vertical Expression was just amazing with stacks of energy which went a long way towards making up for the disappointment.

I think the bad start to the festival just made all the little niggling things that are bound to be in any event more noticeable during the weekend and left me nit-picking about all of them.
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