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IVFDF 2008

IVFDF was generally a good festival this year, but I seem to have found myself nit-picking about it all weekend.

I was looking forward to the beginning of the Festival, because the Glorystrokes were playing for the Friday evening ceilidh and they had been amazing when we saw them last year at Warwick. Being Metal, you'd expect it to be loud and it didn't disappoint in that respect.

However, what I did find disappointing was that all I could hear was the base. Everything else was completely inaudible. Not sure if it was a problem with the sound mixing or whether in making it loud they made it too loud and my ears just lost their sensitivity to high pitched sound as a result (or even if that happens and my ears are particularly sensitive to it - although I could hear them perfectly well at Warwick and it's not a problem I've ever noticed before). Didn't hear anyone else complaining about it though, so maybe it was just me.

After that, I went to the Eurodance with Janiveer (basically Jabadaw under a new name) instead, which was very good (and perfectly audible) and the contra the following evening with Vertical Expression was just amazing with stacks of energy which went a long way towards making up for the disappointment.

I think the bad start to the festival just made all the little niggling things that are bound to be in any event more noticeable during the weekend and left me nit-picking about all of them.


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3rd Mar, 2008 17:02 (UTC)
The Glorystrokes were far far too loud - it wasn't just you!
3rd Mar, 2008 18:35 (UTC)
I found the Glorystrokes just plain too loud - the music was uncomfortable to listen to, and it made it impossible to talk to people at the sides of the dance. I'm not keen on this apparent English fascination with dancing in the dark, either, although the Octagon wasn't nearly as bad as the survivors ceilidh for that :)
3rd Mar, 2008 23:07 (UTC)
I didn't go to IVFDF this year, but it sounds like there was the same problem as with Peeping Tom last year at Edinburgh - base took over, presumably hence so many people watching the eclipse.

Ah well, rock on Exeter next year, we will be awesome!
4th Mar, 2008 20:05 (UTC)
Eclipses are cool, though - there were a lot of people coming out of the Scottish dance to watch it too, and that one was really good. We're just geeky like that :)
4th Mar, 2008 20:57 (UTC)
GloryStrokes were apparently over the legal limit, and Sheffield even gave them a written warning, but they ignored it. That really annoyed me - I have fairly sensitive hearing, and as I want to be a British Sign Language interpreter, I *need* good hearing! Gloworms were really good, though.

Next year we've got Stomp and Committee Band!!!
15th Mar, 2008 22:50 (UTC)
Same - I stuck out about five minutes of Glorystrokes, then went off to Janiveer, and had a great time. Minniemoosika sounded great, but without anyone to show us how to dance klezmer-style it all turned into a bit of a mess by the end. Vertical Expression were great (and one of the things I really like about contra bands is the waltzes they play), and I really enjoyed the workshops I went to as well.
26th Aug, 2008 22:01 (UTC)
Yep Glorystrokes were too loud. The Octagon Centre main room is notoriously lousy to get a decent sound in. I reckon the guy on sound (Jim Moray?) just turned it up more thinking it'd fix things and it just made it worse. Shame as they're a really cool band. Towersey Saturday night 2008 saw them at their imperious best
8th Oct, 2008 14:04 (UTC)
Re: IVFDF-2008
"GloryStrokes were apparently over the legal limit, and Sheffield even gave them a written warning, but they ignored it."

Whoever told you that was talking out of their arse! There was no warning given, written of otherwise. The sound wasn't ideal but the band weren't in control of the sound.

Check your facts!

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