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Weekend Dancing

Last weekend featured 3 different types of dancing, which was nice.

Friday: Rapper Tour of Monument/Bank/Bishopsgate

Turned out to be quite a nice tour in the end (second one I've organised) after all the running around during my lunchbreak to find pubs.

We went to:

The Walrus and The Carpenter, Monument
Nice pub, weren't allowed to dance inside as they'd need to get permission from head office, but most of the clientele were outside anyway so we danced there. A nice dance with plenty of aggression, with Alan attracting a lot of applause for Granny Knot by shouting "go for it" towards the end (we're thinking of slotting in "go for it" at random spots in the dance from now on)

The Ship, Monument
Again most of the clientele were outside in the courtyard, but it had a lovely wooden floor and big windows, so we danced inside anyway.

The Red Lion, Monument
At this point it was fast becoming a Nicholsons tour. We danced outside again here (through choice this time). Unfortunately no beer at this pub though.</dt>
The Ship Tavern, Leadenhall Market
Fairly empty, but plenty of room, so we did the Duncan. Didn't bother to collect though.

Lamb Tavern, Leadenhall Market
Bit of confusion as to whether we were allowed to dance here, but in the end we did. First time I'd called 1 out and unfortunately it wasn't hugely successful. Didn't fall apart though and I know where it went wrong, so wasn't that drastic

Leadenhall Market
Danced the Duncan on the cobbles as there was plenty of space. Not hugely successful again - the front of the set kept moving and something very strange happened in Horseshoes putting me and Pete the wrong way around. Managed to fudge it up though, so not sure the audience really noticed.

The New Moon, Leadenhall Market
Having asked the manager on Monday the deputy manager said we'd have to come back the following Monday to ask the manager again, so we danced outside in the market. Was a good dance until the end when Clive took a couple of people under the tumble the second of which thought it was a good idea to grab Alan and Pete's legs and try and force them up causing Jon to land funny. Everyone was ok though and they managed to finish the dance, just meant we didn't put any more of the public under for the rest of the tour.

Counting House, Bank
Nice big pub with nice wooden floor and a Christmas Tree! They'd even had it up when I went earlier in the week, when it was still October. Lots of people so the dance ended up being quite compact, but went well and the audience seemed to like it.

Dirty Dicks, Bishopsgate
Clive and Frank needed to run off early, so we skipped a few of the pubs I'd lined up and headed straight of Dirty Dick's. We don't normally get in here, but the landlord seemed quite happy for us to when I asked earlier in the week. Good dance, nice audience and time for a quick half before running across the road to Liverpool Street to head up to Cambridge

Saturday: Fiddin' Around

Lisa and I headed over to Fiddin' Around's penultimate ceilidh/contra on Saturday at Parkside. We were a bit late, but luckily managed to still get in. It was nice and full, but not too full as the round ceilidhs were a couple of times last year.

Seem to have been strangely remiss at going to any contra's lately, so it was nice to get to this one, especially as there were lots of old faces appearing up for the weekend.

Sunday: Gogs Day of Dance

It was fun to get out and do a bit of molly on Sunday. Haven't been doing it so much since leaving Cambridge and this was especially nice as it was quite a relaxed day in the end. We had sides from Baldock, Milton and St Neot's with us doing turn and turn about, which I think helped as it meant there was plenty of time between dances, but not too much.

We danced in the market square before lunch and moved onto quayside afterwards before retiring for tea and cake.

All in all a nice weekend. Next week - more dancing, but this time rapper all weekend as Thrales have their annual weekend of dance.

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