Owen Barritt (hmmm_tea) wrote,
Owen Barritt

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Drowning In Milk

Arrived home this morning to find a big pile of mouldy vegetables on the doorstep. Apparently the vegbox people had lost the detail of my holiday dates and delivered anyway (they're not going to charge for these though).

I threw away the stuff that was delivered last week, but the lot from yesterday looked salvageable (even the ice packs with the milk seemed cold still), so I rescued it.

As I upped the bread and milk order just before going away to have plenty to freeze for when we got back, I now seem to be in the situation where I have:

16 pints of milk (6 in freezer, 10 in fridge) + 1 I bought (and we mostly consumed) this morning not expecting to find the EU milk lake on the doorstep.

What exactly do you do with 16 pints of milk?
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