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Drowning In Milk

Arrived home this morning to find a big pile of mouldy vegetables on the doorstep. Apparently the vegbox people had lost the detail of my holiday dates and delivered anyway (they're not going to charge for these though).

I threw away the stuff that was delivered last week, but the lot from yesterday looked salvageable (even the ice packs with the milk seemed cold still), so I rescued it.

As I upped the bread and milk order just before going away to have plenty to freeze for when we got back, I now seem to be in the situation where I have:

16 pints of milk (6 in freezer, 10 in fridge) + 1 I bought (and we mostly consumed) this morning not expecting to find the EU milk lake on the doorstep.

What exactly do you do with 16 pints of milk?


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29th Aug, 2007 14:00 (UTC)
Make half a million yorkshire puddings and pancakes and freeze them.

Then sit down with a large milkshake. Also, make rice pudding.

Check which of the milks are off first...

Which vegbox company is this incapable bunch of fools?
30th Aug, 2007 09:48 (UTC)
Freezing may be an issue as I've only a small tabletop freezer which is currently full of bread and milk having been stocked up before going away, so I had some when I got back...

Which vegbox company is this incapable bunch of fools?

They aren't that bad really. They refunded the money they'd charged for the boxes without question, which is more than I'd expect from most companies nowadays.
29th Aug, 2007 14:01 (UTC)
Poor them away.
Give them away.
Freeze them.
Make custard.
Make rice pudding.
Conduct experiments into how well different wines mix with milk.
Bathe in it.
29th Aug, 2007 15:03 (UTC)
Bathing in it is an excellent idea, the lactic acid in milk is gently exfoliating on the skin and it makes it feel lovely and soft :-) I often use up excess milk this way.
30th Aug, 2007 09:50 (UTC)
May sound strange, but somehow I can't bring myself round to the idea of bathing in it.

While it's ok, part of me feels like I should drink it and bathing in it would be an extravagent waste (even though I doubt I could drink that much and would probably end up throwing it away anyway).
30th Aug, 2007 12:01 (UTC)
So you don't fancy making like Cleopatra then? ;-)

You could make lots of nice milkshakes with it. Blend it up with fruit and have them for breakfast. Banana and real vanilla extract is very nice. If you use it to make pancakes you could fill them with cheese sauce (or your home-made cheese) or mushrooms in white sauce to help use up the excess.
29th Aug, 2007 14:06 (UTC)
sour milk can be used in making pancakes and bread...
29th Aug, 2007 20:45 (UTC)
Make indian cheese! Pannier is excellent.
Makecustard, and then make custard tarts. And baked custard.
If it goes sour, make scones.
30th Aug, 2007 09:52 (UTC)
You've no idea how many scones I ate whilst I was at Whitby last week. Not sure I'll be rushing to make any for a while.

Pannier sounds an excellant idea though.
30th Aug, 2007 10:30 (UTC)
It's excellent. Make yourslef some mutti Paneer, or saag Paneer, two of my favourites. Paneer is so easy to make it's unreal, though it's best to use full milk (or stick a wee tub of single cream into your half milk).
30th Aug, 2007 10:53 (UTC)

Matar Paneer. I can't spell in English, I'm not sure why I'm surprised I can't spell in Foreign.
29th Aug, 2007 23:58 (UTC)
16 pints= 2 gallons. I know people who drink two US gallons a week, but 2 imperial gallons is bit much. Ice cream?
30th Aug, 2007 09:51 (UTC)
Can't make ice-cream, freezer's full of more bread and milk.
1st Sep, 2007 01:12 (UTC)
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