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Terror suspects all linked to NHS

I really don't understand why the media are making such a big thing of the fact they've all worked at the NHS.

Are we going to change the focus on the war on terror away from arabs and towards doctors now? Are we going to invade the NHS and force a regime change? Perhaps we should just arrest all medical staff now and get it over and done with?

You can't really say it says much against the NHS as it is. How would they know this would happen unless there were past histories in this sort of thing (which I'm sure the media would have jumped upon if it was known)?

I wonder if the media would kick up the same fuss if they'd been dustmen ("but they provided a public service...") or gas meter readers ("we've been letting these people into our houses...").


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4th Jul, 2007 12:04 (UTC)
I think a lot of NHS staff contemplate murder after a Friday night in Casualty. Fortunately the rest of them don't actually try to do it.
4th Jul, 2007 13:47 (UTC)
Further to this post, I can only assume that they had all attended a meeting where they were all given a pep talk and reminded of the Hippocratic oath. Instantly the Are you trying to tell me my job? gleam entered their eyes, and the next thing they were targeting clumps of the public in big mobile bombs.
4th Jul, 2007 14:45 (UTC)
A man dies and goes to heaven. When he gets there he sees a someone walking round wearing a white coat wearing a stethoscope. He's puzzled about this so he asks St Peter who it is. St Peter replies "Oh that's God. He just likes to pretend to be a doctor sometimes!"
4th Jul, 2007 15:09 (UTC)
Rank amateur sleeper cell exploiting the cover of NHs shrtages.

They should've been dustmen, would probably have had a better range and access to targets, with a bigger vehicle....
5th Jul, 2007 06:49 (UTC)
I thought the point was what it said about the terrorists, and how our immigration policy needed to worry about a segment it had previously regarded as safe.

I also noted that the middle class, wealthy terrorists, while still keen on blowing people up, decided not to commit suicide in the process.
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