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Please Leave Your Front Door Open All Day

A few weeks ago a company, who I presume are acting on behalf of whoever owns the building my flat is in, wrote to me to tell me there would be painters in redecorating the communal areas. There have in fact been painters in and the whole place now smells of wet paint.

I got home this evening to find the following note posted through my door:

Corporate Colours (Decirations) Ltd

In order for us to carry put the painting works to your front door would you please open it tomorrow at 8am and leave it open for the rest of the day.

If you have any queries to our foreman on site, Dean Chapman. He can be contacted on *number*.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Strangely enough the idea of leaving the front door open all day, while I go out to work, for a company I've never head of, at very short notice, is not one I'm too keen to take up.

I guess I'll ring the letting agents tomorrow and speak to them about it.

Do these people really expect us to happily leave our doors open all day?


15th May, 2007 08:36 (UTC)
Some people assume that they're the only ones who do any work, and therefore that everyone else just sits around at home. Like the window cleaner who thinks that if he turns up on random days a month or so apart you'll be in to pay him, or delivery drivers who'll only deliver between 9 and 5 on weekdays and get outraged at the thought that you might not be in then, or BT engineers who'll come round sometime between 7.30 and 13.00 but can't say when because obviously their convenience is more important than yours, or...

We often have someone from the office who's working from home all day because something is going to happen at home and there's no alternative to sitting in and waiting for it - often vainly.

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