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UCAS And Parental Info

Universities to get parental info

But surely the whole point is that your social background should not effect your chances of getting into any given University? It should be solely on the grounds of your ability.

I wouldn't want to think that my being from a single parent family without a strong history of going to University would have given me an unfair advantage getting into my choice of courses. It's irrelevant, why mention it?

I can understand that this information would be useful when considering burseries, but surely this information could be withheld until then so it wasn't part of the general admissions process?

If you want more children from less academic backgrounds to go through the university system (which is not always appropriate for everyone anyway) then why not go out and speak to them and show them what there is out there available to them. Don't do it by given them an artificial "discount" on the entry requirements.

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