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Add The Pence?

From ITV via the BBC and morganmuffle:

Add the pence - two pounds, 25p, £1.47, 16p, fifty pence

First of all add everything together

200 + 25 + 147 + 16 + 50 = 438

Now add the other sums which are visible. 5p (from the 25p) + 47p (from £1.47) + 7p (again from £1.47) +6p (from 16p) = 65p

438 + 65 = 503

Now add the 'p' from 25p and 16p and the 'pence' from fifty pence giving an extra 3p.

503 + 3 = 506p

As far I as can see there is absolutely no way that is asking for that. The question is so open to start with that there are a range of answers I would be happy to argue as being the solution (2, 38, 50, 138, 438 or the solutions I've seen treating the pounds as old pounds or as a weight to list a few), but not that.

Why count the 5, 40 and 6 twice and 7 three times? I can't see any logical reason for doing this.

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