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Add The Pence?

From ITV via the BBC and morganmuffle:

Add the pence - two pounds, 25p, £1.47, 16p, fifty pence

First of all add everything together

200 + 25 + 147 + 16 + 50 = 438

Now add the other sums which are visible. 5p (from the 25p) + 47p (from £1.47) + 7p (again from £1.47) +6p (from 16p) = 65p

438 + 65 = 503

Now add the 'p' from 25p and 16p and the 'pence' from fifty pence giving an extra 3p.

503 + 3 = 506p

As far I as can see there is absolutely no way that is asking for that. The question is so open to start with that there are a range of answers I would be happy to argue as being the solution (2, 38, 50, 138, 438 or the solutions I've seen treating the pounds as old pounds or as a weight to list a few), but not that.

Why count the 5, 40 and 6 twice and 7 three times? I can't see any logical reason for doing this.


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13th Mar, 2007 18:04 (UTC)
Where do you find this on the bbc website? Although I know many people who love the website, I have never been able to find anything on it.
13th Mar, 2007 19:26 (UTC)
How come some other people thought along the same lines? those aren't in any way 'the other sums which are visible'!

"ITV has denied the problem was particularly complex"

not complex, no, just a random and irrational answer. (in the human, not the mathematical sense). *Lisa gets unnecessarily angry*
13th Mar, 2007 18:52 (UTC)
This media attitude to using numbers suddenly explains why all the colours had the wrong values in all the BBC's videos today, and why the TVLA continually fail to keep track of who actually has a TV.
13th Mar, 2007 19:17 (UTC)
That's said the TVLA spent ages ignoring my letters saying I didn't have a TV and in the end sent an inspector round.

He didn't come in, just believed me when I said I didn't have one on the doorstep. They've not bothered me since.

Not sure why they trust me on my doorstep but not via the post though...
13th Mar, 2007 18:57 (UTC)
What's the context for this?
13th Mar, 2007 19:15 (UTC)

It's one of these premium phone in questions that have hit the news recently.

13th Mar, 2007 19:27 (UTC)

Ah, yes, I see.

Seems like fraud to me. Someone should be done for it.

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