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Trains At Half-Term

3 days a week I normally get the 10 am train into work, which normally has a few spare seats. This week it's been packed on all 3 days.

On friday's I normally either get the train at about 8 am or 8.17 am, which is normally packed. Today there were a few spare seats.

I'm guessing this is because a lot of school's are on half-term this week, but didn't think it would really make that much difference on the commuter trains into London.


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16th Feb, 2007 09:38 (UTC)
It always amazes me the difference school holidays make to the trains. When I was commuting I came to the conclusion that it wasn't so much that there were hundreds and hundreds of extra people but more that the extras there were didn't know commuting ettiquette (filling all available seats, moving right along inside the carriage etc.) Plus people tend to stand further away from the crazy child waving that nosiy toy around while it's parents smile on so that everything feels more crowded.

Now I'm wondering why I'm applying for jobs in London again *is masochistic*
16th Feb, 2007 09:56 (UTC)
Presumably there's going to be a tendency for workers to take holidays at half-term.
16th Feb, 2007 12:57 (UTC)
My trains are always packed during school holidays, though it tends to be even more noticeable in the evenings when there are probably about 20-30 people per carriage who have to stand. Generally the trains are full, but not so full anyone has to stand. The noise level definitely increases too, last night one little girl shrieked at the top of her voice for most of my hour long journey - there wasn't anything wrong with her, she was just incapable of being quiet and fought with her siblings the whole time :-(
16th Feb, 2007 13:18 (UTC)
OTOH the shopping centres are packed with hordes of teenage girls, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting passers-by and giggle at them ...
16th Feb, 2007 21:31 (UTC)
Hullo hmmm_tea, noticed that you had IVFDF on your list of interests and wondered if you are going this year.

A random border morrisman here, by the way.
20th Feb, 2007 09:39 (UTC)

Not going to be able to make it this year.

thethirdvoice is going though.
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