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School leaving age to rise to 18

OK, people leaving school without skills to apply to a future job is an issue and it should be dealt with. I'm not entirely sure what the governments plans are regarding provision on this one, but surely forcing the matter can't be the solution.

Call me cynical, but I have visions of this 11% ending up staying at school doing academic courses they don't want to do and aren't really suitable for them, because they can't find a suitable apprenticeship and the law says they have to do something.

Yes, we need to get youth unemployment down, but surely it's important for young people to gain the extra freedom at this stage as part of growing up.

It seems to me that it would be better to see why these students are dropping out and make extra provisions to train them in a more suitable manor of their own free will then forcing them to go into something unsuitable. Without that surely the result of the legislation will be to just delay the process for 2 years as these people spend their time doing something they don't want to do, paying very little attention and not getting a lot out of it.

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