Owen Barritt (hmmm_tea) wrote,
Owen Barritt

Lots Of Rapper In London This Weekend

If anyone's interested in seeing traditional English sword dancing this weekend in London, then Thrales will be out all weekend to celebrate our birthday.

On Saturday (11 November), we will be touring Soho with Stone Monkey swords calling at:

11.30 De Hems
12.30 The Three Greyhounds
13.30 The Pillars of Hercules
14.15 The Nellie Dean
15.00 The Admiral Duncan
15.30 The John Snow
(TBA - if time - The Shaston Arms)
16.15 The Blue Posts

(Times only approximate - we will wonder off this)

The tour will then take in the Borough area around London Bridge in the evening.

On Sunday, there will be many sides all congregating to dance at The Prince William Henry in Southwark from about 12.00 noon.
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