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I generally don't buy poppies for Rememberance Sunday, I haven't done for years. In fact I tend to ignore the day completely.

The article on this mornings Today programme about what colours poppies should be available in this morning got me thinking as to why this is the case.

I've always questioned what the day is really about and been reluctant to offer my money to the Royal British Legion (thinking there are many other charities I'd much prefer to donate to).

I think the whole memorial scheme in the History Boys sums my views up quite well really thinking about it. In some ways it seems like poppies are just a way of justifying wars. A sort of way of saying "yes you send all these soldiers into war and we'll pick up the pieces after you".

I also question charities that are selective the way the British Legion are. What does it matter how many conflicts a person has served in? Surely they deserve the same care no matter how the sustained their injuries? Why only support people who are involved in conflicts?

That said I'm normally quite lax in the lets donate the money to someone else thing. I should really do it this year. Any good suggestions as to who to donate the money I would have spent on a poppy to?

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