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More Drivel For Mr Ehrlich

My Round: A final toast to the world's best wine blogs

Now there's a man who's missed the point by a few thousand miles.

Mr Ehrlich sir, you are mistaking blogs for being similar to newspaper columns like yours (oh yes, I'm sorry, I forgot, the Independent don't want you anymore do they?). By their very nature they shouldn't be editted and may contain a lot of material you don't want to read. The point is, you don't have to!

In general they're not going to be cutting edge journalism. They're just the people recording their thoughts, etc for the world to see (if they want to, which you clearly don't, but that's not a problem).

Why shouldn't people talk about things they don't know a great deal about? What's wrong with people recording their tasting notes on the internet if they want to (as noted above, you don't have to read them). Not everyone will be able to record an accurate description of the wine so that anyone reading it could have a good idea what it was like, but you're at least going to get an idea of whether they liked it (ie a window into the views of the untrained consumer).

Surely the blog represent the epitome of free speech. Why limit that?


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9th Nov, 2006 13:04 (UTC)
Too many blogs are just a succession of tastings and tasting notes. And too many are written by people who - there is no nice way to say this - don't know very much about the subject. One blogger, who shall remain nameless, writes of something or other: "A balanced refreshing wine. Not too dry with a fruity nose. Drank with salmon."

Gosh, I didn't realise you had to actually know something about wine before you were allowed to write up tasting notes on a blog! What a tosser!

I can't see anything wrong with the tasting note the person he quotes has written. Ok it's not along the lines of the Structured Approach to Tasting that the WSET use, but presumably it is something he/she will use to remind them of the wine in the future and whether or not they liked it. I wish I had time to write up my own tasting notes on my blog again, even if it simply served to annoy that silly man ;-) It's idiots like him that make the world of wine seem like an exclusive club that most people aren't worthy of joining.
9th Nov, 2006 15:50 (UTC)
The Salmon-man (for want of a better name) can presumably post more tasting notes like that whenever he wants, Mr Ehrlich no longer has a column in the Independent on Sunday.

I think that says it all really...
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