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I've seen the first of these going around a few times, but this is the first time I saw the second. Thought it would be interesting to compare the results of the two different algorithms

I tried out TrustFlow II for LiveJournal. The following people not on the friends list for hmmm_tea are close by:

Top 25 out of 4685 users that might be interesting for user "hmmm_tea":
(based on the popularity amongst "hmmm_tea" friends):

NamePageRank scoreSimple voting
plaid_dragon 4 points 3 votes
wendyg 4 points 1 votes
packbat 4 points 1 votes
lproven 4 points 1 votes
twi_light 3 points 1 votes
projectjason 3 points 1 votes
pandatronic 3 points 1 votes
lebin 3 points 1 votes
karentheheathen 3 points 1 votes
center1199 3 points 1 votes
bad_best_friend 3 points 1 votes
ceb 3 points 22 votes
thunderbox 3 points 4 votes
spiritof1976 3 points 4 votes
rochvelleth 3 points 16 votes
jermynsavile 3 points 3 votes
jimyojimbo 3 points 5 votes
na_lon 2 points 7 votes
besskeloid 2 points 3 votes
beckyc 2 points 18 votes
toothycat 2 points 14 votes
jane_somebody 2 points 6 votes
blackmetalbaz 2 points 6 votes
the_marquis 2 points 6 votes
solaris_219 2 points 2 votes

Get your own table However, they're boring and give very similar answers. Oh well, off to look for procrastination elsewhere...


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