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Just Spotted This...

...in the morning advertiser:

Diageo Trials Alcoholic Water

Apparently they're marketing alcoholic sparkling water in Texas.

Why would anyone want to drink alcoholic sparkling water? Is there any benefit to having alcohol in water?

Surely it's just encouraging people to drink to get drunk? As I can't see any other reason to drink the stuff.


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13th Sep, 2006 15:38 (UTC)
Well, "alchoholic water" is a mocking thing to call it; alchohol is always cut with water.

Are they marketing it as water? I don't see it's an inherently bad idea. People who want to drink a mixed alchoholic drink, but prefer sparkling water to the other mixers would buy it. And maybe it's more socially acceptible to drink this than normal alchohol?
13th Sep, 2006 17:02 (UTC)
Are they marketing it as water?

Smirnoff Source, which pretty much sounds like alcoholic mineral water, so pretty much just another alcopop.

I just don't really understand the appeal of these things though.

If you wanted vodka and water (or whatever combination) and bought a similar alcopop marketed as such then I would.

But wanting sparkling water and buying this because it also got alcohol (as it sounds like it's being marketed as) really doesn't make a lot of sense.
13th Sep, 2006 16:30 (UTC)
If it has alcohol in it, it's not going to taste like water anymore, which would seem to defeat the point somewhat. However I suspect it might be fruit-flavoured sparkling water. Even so, it would seem to be yet another pointless alcopop. I had to check it wasn't 1st April when I first read the headline :-)
13th Sep, 2006 17:03 (UTC)
On further investigation, yes it is in fact flavoured.

Smirnoff Source

coming in Pure Citrus and Pure Orange flavours.
14th Sep, 2006 13:41 (UTC)
Pure Citrus and Pure Orange flavours

Do they not count oranges as citrus fruit? What is pure citrus? There must be about 50 different kinds of citrus fruit, including oranges, they should be more specific!
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