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Train Delays

Someone felt ill in the carriage I was in on the train home. It was at the other end of the carriage from me, so I don't really know what happened.

However, we got to Sydenham and the driver called for an ambulence and obviously we waited until it arrived and the paramedics took her off the train before going on. She walked off with them, so I assume she was fairly ok in the end.

So, we were 20 minutes late, but obviously it was perfectly understandable to call the ambulence and wait for it.

However, our train sitting in the station for 20 minutes makes the trains behind us late and has an effect on all the passengers behind us. I wonder if I would have been quite so understanding if I was on one of them or just annoyed at being delayed again*

Makes you think...

* - haven't had much luck with trains lately engineering works last night meant our 2 hour return journey from Wallingford actually took 4 and left us a bus ride away from home (rather than at the station right by home which we were planning to go to) and then the train to work this morning was cancelled to, so was a little frustrated with the rail network by that point.

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