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Yey! Towersey! Very fun festival to perform at.

thethirdvoice had some problems with her leg though, which wasn't so good, but managed to do quite a few dances regardless (whether that was sensible or not is debatable).

I think the only thing really lacking was opportunities for more informal street dancing. There were spots at the Three Horseshoes pub in the village, but other than that there wasn't really anywhere it could have been done anyway. There's lots of other festivals that are good for that though.

Not sure if our performances were as good as we'd have liked them to have been. The first arena spot was apparently quite shakey in terms of lines, etc. Whether this was down to the number of new dancers as there were quite a few, the number of dancers like me who have moved away and so are not practicing so much or just the lack of informal spots to practice in (as we had when we did Sidmouth a few years ago) is another matter for debate. Probably the combination of all of them.

That said I didn't see the displays personally, so they might actually have been fine. The feedback I heard from people who watched us certainly sounded ok and regardless of how good we were it was a lot of fun.

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