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Molly Practice Weekend

thethirdvoice and I went up to Cambridge over the weekend to spend it practicing with Molly for Towersey.

There are some very nice ideas for the displays, but they did seem to be trying to make things overly complicated it places. One particular example was trying to do a circular zig-zag, which did feel like it should look impressive when dancing it, but actually didn't (think that's it's the straight lines that makes the zig-zag look good, so without them there was little point in doing it), was dropped for something simpler in the end though.

Learnt half the Oompa Loompa dance which was nice, but frustrating not to learn the rest of it, but then that wasn't what the weekend was about.

All in all it was a good weekend, but seemed to lack clear direction in places. There are lots of strong personalities in molly and I did get the feeling of "too many cooks" several times over the weekend. I think it just lacked having one person taking overall responsibility for it somehow.

So now I have the aches of having danced all weekend. Strangely however, it doesn't seem to be my legs that really ache more my shoulders... weird.

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