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Compulsory Worship

Churches push for school worship

I really don't like the idea of compulsory worship in schools.

People should certainly be free to believe whatever they choose to believe and this doesn't fit with that. Yes, it's certainly a good thing for children to come into contact with religions (and good for it to be a range of religions - they need to be aware of the diverse range in modern culture).

However, they shouldn't be made to take part in any unless they specifically choose to do so.

Religion is an important part of modern life for many people, but it certainly should be kept separate from government and education.


13th Jun, 2006 11:29 (UTC)
The churches are actually trying to get schools to obey the existing rules

Yes, an the reason the rules aren't obeyed is because they are no longer reflective of modern british society. As I've already said faith is a matter of personal choice not government legislation. Any worship of any religion should be opt-in by the children NOT opt-out by the parents.

we don't have a separation of church and state here

Which is precisely my point. We should. We are no longer an entirely Christian nation, we cannot continue to be run on the assumption that we are.
13th Jun, 2006 14:17 (UTC)
I don't think we've ever assumed that *everyone* is a Christian. Even now, over 70% of people are, according to the 2001 census.
13th Jun, 2006 15:22 (UTC)
Given that do you think it's right that schools have to have religious worship?
13th Jun, 2006 15:28 (UTC)
Why should schoolchildren be denied the chance to worship with their peers at school, when there exists the possbility of opting out for the minority that want it?
13th Jun, 2006 15:29 (UTC)
Do you really think its the minority that don't want to worship?
13th Jun, 2006 16:05 (UTC)
I've got no objection to there being opportunity for group worship. My objection lies in the fact it is presumed that everyone wants it unless they specifically opt-out and even then it's the parents that have to do the opting-out not the child in question!

Anything along those lines should be opt-in.

Besides, does worship have any meaning if the person worshipping doesn't believe in what they are doing?
13th Jun, 2006 16:09 (UTC)
In connecting the church and state there is a fundamental assumption that it is in everybody's best interest to do so.

over 70% of people are

Which means that there is probably a sizable portion who aren't...

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