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A few weeks ago now, I went and gave blood. Something I kept thinking I should do up until then, but kept putting it off.

I can get really squeemish about blood, so it was probably one of the hardest things I've made myself do, but I was glad I did it. I did however go very very pale whilst they were doing it and they wouldn't let me sit up for a long time afterwards.

Anyway, today I got the excitment of finding out blood type.

O negetive, which apparently means I can give blood to anyone, but can only accept blood from 7% of the population (other O negetives). So basically they're telling me to give lots of blood and not have any serious accidents then? Scarey thought.

The result of which is I now not going to be able to leave it for a long time before doing it again without feeling guilty.

Right... not going to think about it... urgh...


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2nd Jun, 2006 06:36 (UTC)
I'm A negative, my wife's A positive, so kiddy-makings' gonig to be interesting.....
Dave Holland [org.uk]
2nd Jun, 2006 12:04 (UTC)
I've given blood about seven times. I fainted twice; and one time the wound didn't form a proper clot and as I walked out of the door I felt streams of blood running down my arm. Made a huge bruise on my arm, that did.

Not to put you off, or anything. :-) They're still keen to have me, but I haven't been able to face the potential hassle for a couple of years. Work keeps talking about setting up on-site donations, and if they do, I'll probably give blood again.
2nd Jun, 2006 12:46 (UTC)
I've been meaning to donate also, but am scared by the idea. When I donated platelets it didn't go well several years ago. I also need to find out my blood type.
2nd Jun, 2006 13:29 (UTC)
*proud of Big O*

Giving blood is a good thing, a very good thing. I promised by dieing great aunt I would donate after she recieved quite a bit and protested that "it should be going to somebody younger who's not knackered already". Debt to the blood bank paid I have returned several times, though not for a little while as you have to wait a certain time after certain things to go again.

To avoid going really pale and feeling dodgy I highly recommend Lucazade a couple of hours before, and one after. Also - eatting liver is meant to be very good for producing blood, as is tripe. This does not remove the problem that tripe is vile however.

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