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Private firm GP deal to be signed

Now this is more of an issue than the complementary medicine thing.

The number of corporate bodies leaching money from the NHS is a real issue.

Admittedly its all a result of the NHS not competing with private firms in terms of wages. However this is just leading to doctors being pouched and sold back to the NHS at a higher rate than they would have paid if they'd been competitive in the first place.


26th May, 2006 10:36 (UTC)
So imagine there are two jobs

Job one requires an intelligent person to do something they really enjoy doing, in a nice working environment, with free coffee and an office and nice collegues, and flexitime etc etc. Job two could be done by anyone with half a brain, but it is essential for the good of the country that it gets done, and involves working antisocial hours in the dark, mud, rain, doing lots of painful things and has a far higher chance that you will be killed than job one.

Do you think that the person doing job one should be paid more than the person doing job two?
26th May, 2006 10:44 (UTC)
I don't think people should be paid at all in the way you suggest. I would like to be some kind of communist.

I think money although it is a very useful system of tokens that allows us to manage complex things is also prone to large abuse because of human nature and the way capitalism works.

Ideally everyone would just have what they need (well - more than they need) in some equal way and people would just do the jobs they wanted to.

I don't think this is going to happen though as if I didn't need to work I probably wouldn't (although in reality I would probably then go off and do interesting useful computer things and be more useful to society than I am now). At the very least I think people would avoid the 'crappy' jobs out there which do need to be done. This is one of the reasons why I don't think anarchism will work - people don't want to do crappy things.

I like the utopian view of the future in Star Trek where because of scientific advances it is so easy to have what you need / want (replicators etc) that people are freed from having to have particular jobs so they go off and do what interests them - which is more beneficial ultimately to society.

Going back to what you actually said. With capitalism obviously they both have things that will raise the price paid for such a job - purely on supply and demand. There is a shortage of people who are intelligent, and a shortage of people who will do dangerous painful crappy jobs - although there are fewer I think of the former than of the latter. The intelligent people are probably more likely to be well organised and so therefore exert some control over their employer whereas the less intelligent people are more likely to be exploited.


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